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Play&go experience is a SME scaleup video game studio. The company’s activity is focused on programming, design, development and exploitation of technological solutions.


The services we offer are based on improving the user experience and the results of organizations by gamifying the real world and obtaining data (anonymized and aggregated) of great value for improving decision-making. We believe that our work with software, AI and gamification is very useful in providing innovation to any field.


Gamified digital experiences that motivate users to take actions, in a more attractive way, to meet the objectives of the organizations: gamified guides, digital games and training platforms.

Intelligent data platforms, to transform data, obtained through technological platforms, into knowledge to help organizations make decisions: online maps (location intelligence) and AI platforms (Artificial Intelligence).

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Are you looking for partners interested in joining european projects? We would like to be part of it.  In short, we would love to contribute with our innovation to a project.

We hope you find our profile interesting enough. 

For more information about our app and our participation in similar projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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